ALMI – Abundant Life Missions International

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Abundant Life Missions International was birthed in the hearts of James A. Setser of Germantown, OH, and Harry F. Greaves, of St. Louis, MO, in the spring of 2004.  Both men had spent collectively over 65 years of missions work.  Through their efforts they have networked with standing missionaries to teach, preach and equip the work of God world-wide.

While traveling extensively in Central America the Holy Spirit began to impress upon them the need to pull together isolated indigenous ministers in order to equip them for more effective Last Day Ministry.  At the same time, in the U.S. they undertook the possibility of networking churches, ministries and resources, in order to give the nationals the support “tools” they would need to reach their respective countries with this Last Day Revival.

At a National Convention held in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, January 2005, they presented their vision of a Last Day Revival. A world harvest that all Full Gospel ministries be a part of.  Two small independent ministerial associations asked to become a part of this new ministry.

Since that humble beginning in 2005, Abundant Life Missions International, now is organized and recognized by the governments of Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Belize.  In each country ALMI has a National Director and a National Board.  Collectively ALMI has over 65 churches, 80 ministers and over 2,000 members.